I Help My Parents Run A Sex Doll Business

Our home life is very busy ,we've got a really happy family .

It's not every day you know that you have a sex doll in your lounge with your 17 year old . But I have experienced every day,they are my extraordinary family to some extent.

My parents sell sex dolls ,the dolls come in all shapes and sizes.I am the eldest son Harry,this is the first time really ,that I am going to be properly around a doll. What kind of positions do you think we should put her in, my parents always raised such a strange question like this to me.

They're never the easiest I know,the dolls look quite pretty heavy,a particularly heavy one sometimes ,but it is not a particularly big one.

As far as I know the normal one's probably about 35 kilos, I would say they have to be heavy to be able to have the weight behind it, for the purpose of their intended .The idea was born in my mind, out of reading an article about sex dolls ,it pricked my imagination really excuse the pun, we just explored it from there .We are obviously very aware that there is a stigma attached to what we do, but that's really from people who are quite small-minded ,it's just a business that's all, it is just a business, it was an opportunity we took it,we're glad that we took it. we're taking away the stigma from it completely,it's not seedy we sell it ,it's not seedy at all whereas other people might be selling this product and they do make it quite seedy,so I think that is where we differ from the other sex doll companies.

When my parents first told me I didn't believe it at first,it was weird ,but then you kind of get used to it really and the most common question from social media like they’ll be asked every time, do I use one?And I don't use one I never have it,was always have one?Can you give me one?Can I have a discount?Why younger children they don't really ask?I mean we don't often have a sex doll in our home ,I don't think they recognize really what the product is ,so I just think ,they're a bit too young to be taking on board at the moment, if somebody said that it's a business that children shouldn't be around .

Then I would say that they do not understand the business at all ,or how we operate the business,any kind of judgement is of no consequence to us, because it is ill-informed, we are more than happy with how we provide for our family ,which is the reason why we do it.

There is a need ,there is to expand our social media content,isn't that?I said and obviously the way that the world is now ,we recognize that they're good vehicles to bring me on board ,was just a natural thing to happen,wasn't it to help?Do that Harry's wanted to pursue a career in digital marketing my mom spoken,anyway obviously it was a natural fit.

The branding of the products is so important ,because it's what sets you apart I like to do, photos shoots is quite important to deliver your products strengths.My parents may don't understand it, really like obviously they get it finally, because it's not really their generation, I think obviously me being involved kind of adds something new to it ,that's fresh how will utilize social media will really have a big impact on the business,I've just been taking some pictures for posting on social media, I reckon I speak to my mum later about what to caption,we've learned some we've evolved and our new website is very good ,it's very exciting and our new products are really exciting our porn stars are very exciting ,I've got Instagram followers in the millions,so they're going to drive a fantastic amount of traffic to our website ,and in turn that will convert to sales,we haven't used props before , but i don't know whether or not maybe that's something we should think about doing.

I'm always proud of my parents, because they're successful they've built their way up ,and that's what inspires me that's how i want to do ,that's what i want to do,we're moving forward with our porn star selection also we've changed the website as well quite significantly ,now that I can help to publish the social media point of view ,we're really hoping that's going to drive things even further forward.I am lucky to be involved in such business.

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