About Us

Who We Are?
Miss Wives is one-of-a-kind and professional adult doll R&D and manufacture company, we dedicate on designing the best realistic sex dolls like Life Size TPE sex doll,Life Like Silicone sex dolls,Mini sex dolls,BBW Sex Dolls,Asian-look sex dolls,Torso Dolls,Dolls Head,etc...Do you want to take home a pretty wife we prepared for you or a perfectable custom made wife by your own design?

Brand Story
There is an old story about“the Dutch Wife”in Japan.When it comes to the physical Sex Dolls, we have to go back to the 17th century, one of the Dutch sailors who made hand-stitched leather puppets to "relieve himself from boredom" during long time voyages to Japan.Later on he traded his Dutch Wife with the Japanese sailors. Seafarers can feel lonely on long voyages, so this kind of equipment was born naturally at that time.

Today, with the development of society, although people living standard has improved, the resulting social pressure and other requirements are changing relationships and human-beings’ life style as far as I know.Especially,the relationship between couples or any other intimate relationships became very nervous, while return to the life of all the daily necessities sauce vinegar and frivolous things and all kinds of family conflicts,passion will be gradually exhausted day by day, which also affects the good experience of sexual relations to some extent,then loneliness ensues.

In addition, the aging problem in the world is becoming more and more obvious. Widowhood or non-widowhood marriage has seriously affected the harmony of couples and intimate relationships,what's more not beneficial for the widower and widow. Moreover, with the fierce and heated social competition continuing to rise, many young people have expressed their unsatisfied and stressful of "sexual happiness".It is realistic that the low-income people are scared of falling in love, the senior white-collar workers have no time to date, the young couples have hugely stressful from family and work,or people with disabilities and mental illness,no matter young or old people will more or less face the situation of loneliness.As the book”One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Latin American magic realism literature Marquez who mentioned:”the author wrote the history of ignorance, backwardness, isolation and colonial invasion of Colombia and the whole American history” through seven generations of magical life and experience of the Buendia family and Macondo's development and destruction of Macondo, , so as to inspire people to think:  what is the cause of Macondo's hundred years of loneliness? How can I get rid of this loneliness?" Life is about a lonely journey naturally speaking, in the period of one’s growing old, how do you deal with all the relationships like spouse relationship, intimate relationship, friend relationship, sexual relationship and so on. 

Mission Statement
Miss Wives aims to help ONE MILLION people come from all around the world to bid farewell for ignorance, loneliness and depression and move towards awakening and civilization on sexual journey. On the other hands,we would love to help you to improve your private happiness and get you off whenever,wherever & whatever you want on sexual experience. People that participate in the dolls lifestyle enjoy regular "SEX" love just like everyone else does.Enjoy Better Sex!Replaces Stress with Miss Wives!You will never miss your wives.As a human being, there is no shame & embarrassment in "talking about sex". Legitimate sexual indulgence is to satisfy physical and mental needs as a normal person, to help you become a better person on emotions control and management. Life is a long and experienced trip. If you Miss your wives,here we are. For her,she can be your miss friend;For him,she could be your wives. We hope you will never miss your wives anymore because we can satisfy with any Custom Made Dolls as you prefer to if you have no budget straggling.

Our Philosophy
We believe all human-beings in the world— from your precious relationship to companion soul mate you care for— should be cared for and loved for during your lifetimes.Better Sex Journey,Better Life Experienced! Life is an improvisational experience with no rehearsals.