What Is The Difference Between Silicone Dolls and TPE Dolls ?

Silicone and TPE are both high-quality sex materials. Silicone is regarded as a more durable material while TPE is considered the most realistic. Here are the main attributes of each material.

  • A bit harder than TPE but also more durable.
  • More expensive.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Safe for human contact.
  • TPE is softer to the touch.
  • More realistic ‘jiggling’ of body parts (breasts, ass, etc.).
  • The material is more elastic which allows the dolls to be more flexible at their joints.
  • Good heat retention.
  • Less expensive.
  • Safe for human contact
  • Less durable than Silicone - more care is required to clean and care for itproperly.

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