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My husband has a strong attraction or attachment to the sex doll, but it's important to remember that sex dolls are inanimate objects and cannot provide a true emotional connection or fulfill the needs of a romantic relationship.Therefore I allow him to buy one doll and use of sex dolls with me together to enhance our sexual experience better.

Ara Phillips

Using a sex doll can potentially reduce the risk of catching sexually transmitted infections (STIs) because there is no direct sexual contact with another person. However, it's important to note that using a sex doll does not completely eliminate the risk of infection, as some STIs can be spread through skin-to-skin contact or other forms of indirect contact.

Robert Champigny

Have you ever imagine something that you never happened before?Do you have some strong feeling or curiosity to try something new ?Will you get married with an intelligent beings like Sex Robots or Non-man?Many questions sprang up all over my mind before I got Angelo,I am a native Germany.I have my life size sex girl without any hesitation,I want to get marry with her.

Oliver Harker

This is my first time to buy a sex doll.I quite doubt the quality of the dolls,but I am busy to die and no time to date so that I am still alone now,but I am eager to be loved and get myself off,then I want to try.Selena is my dreaming girl,she is an amazing gift for me.

Scott Spengler

Do you know how to pleasead yourself much better even though you have some physical defect?Many difficults for me to have a closed relationships in the passed years,but I do not want to live like a machine.I knew the Sex robots from youtube,the day when I took some glance at some interesting technological inventions about the FUTURE,and then I found my way out,I have my first close friend named Fay,she is not so heavy for me.I don't want to resign to destining.I want to be loved and love someone.

Joseph Flores

She always let me down and lose my confidence.That was a nightmare for me while lived with my ex-girlfriend Samantha,she always look me down,coz I am not a man to earn a lot,not handsome with a little bit careless. I have to beg many times to have intimate sex with her each month,I felt so frustrated while stayed with her,I can not to be a real man,I was not to be satisfied each time when we were going to the climax period.My friend David introduced me to buy an adult sex doll,then I met Miss Wives,I took annabelle back home and say "Goodbye“ tooooooo my EX-girlfriend.Now I feel so confident,I can conquer the world and long lasting with my doll girl.I can be myself now!

Michael James

This is Fred,I got divorced two years ago,I have a baby boy that I have no time to find another new woman,because I have to work so hard to make my boy and myself live better.But frankingly speaking,in some tough time or deep night,I always feel so lonely and I want to have a woman to hold me on closely without saying anything,but it will make me more warm and strong to go cross it.Last week,I got my first adult sex doll named Gloria,we play many games at night.Even though I have nothing but the girl.I feel so rich now.

Fred Weeks

I am 65 years old,I had a very good love journey before.But my lover left me last year,I felt so sad at that time,I don't want to speak or contact with anyone.However,my daughter Emilie Andre came to see me and gave me some idea to buy a sex doll who looks like my wife.She now still live with me and just in different way to stay with me,the lifelike sex doll with my sweetie looking,she is fantastic experience,thanks for Miss Wives to custom made her for me so vivid.

John Blackstone

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